Standard Massages and Erotic Massages

For many people, the entire concept of a massage is synonymous with an erotic massage. This has believably led to some confusion. Some people will go to special massage parlors more or less expecting the same sorts of therapeutic massage treatments that they would get at chiropractic offices. Other people will go to those very same therapeutic massage therapists offices expecting that they are going to receive something resembling an erotic massage.

All massages are about stimulation of some variety or another. Therapeutic massages are about stimulating the muscles in order to release tension and promote physical healing. Erotic massages are about arousal and stimulating a person all over his or her body in order to promote sexual stimulation. Some types of erotic massage are fairly mild. They will essentially include a therapeutic massage portion, except the masseuse will include direct sexual stimulation as part of the process. Other types of erotic massage, such as the Nuru massage, are much more intimate than that.

The Stimulating Potential of the Nuru Massage

Nuru massages involve people rubbing bodies with one another. The stimulating potential of something like that is tremendous given the level of skin contact. With the majority of massages, including the majority of erotic massages, the therapist or practitioner is just going to use his or her hands. With Nuru massages, the practitioner will use his or her entire body.

Massage practitioners are usually fully clothed, and they will only slowly remove part of the clothing of the person receiving the massage. Both parties are completely unclothed during the typical Nuru massage. Even people who have received quite a few erotic massages are often unprepared for just how stimulating a Nuru massage can be, since they are still not usually going to be accustomed to the massage therapist stimulating them using his or her full body.

The line between a massage and a sex act tends to blur slightly with something like a Nuru massage, given the level of contact involved. The therapist douses the recipients body with a special gel before the procedure, and then douses his or her own body before the procedure. Both parties are going to be covered with this gel, which is only going to stimulate the skin and everything else further. The gel is partly made from seaweed. For the most part, the relevance of the gel just has to do with the fact that it is easier to achieve high levels of stimulation that way. However, some people claim that the seaweed itself and the other ingredients are important when it comes to the erotic aspects of the massage. This isn not the sort of thing people will find at a conventional health spa, to say the least.

The Most Stimulating of all Massages

People who have had Nuru massages have reported that there is nothing really like them. These are some of the most potent erotic experiences people can have beyond conventional sex acts. Indeed, plenty of them may have their own therapeutic effects as well, although those are probably going to be side effects for many people.

Receiving a Nuru Massage

The Nuru massage is a uniquely Japanese type of erotic massage, which should be obvious given the nature of the special gel that is used in the Nuru massage. The gel is made from seaweed, which is a vegetable that is popular in Japanese traditional medicine as well as Japanese cuisine. Some practitioners of the Nuru massage believe that the gel itself is going to have erotic effects or an ability to heal. Other practitioners will say that the seaweed is good for the skin and helps stimulate the skin in a special way.

The Power of the Nuru Massage

People often underestimate the role of skin contact during sex acts in general. The skin is covered with light pressure receptors, all of which are going to be stimulated during sex acts. People who didnt have that advantage would probably have a more difficult time getting aroused. It is true that people can get aroused from just a high degree of skin contact in many cases, and the Nuru massage taps into that potential.

The masseuse who performs the Nuru massage covers himself or herself with the gel, and then does the exact same thing to the person who is going to receive the massage. Then, the two of the make full body contact while both wearing the gel. The masseuse tries to stimulate the other persons body with his or her body. In many other massages, including many other erotic massages, masseuses will still only use their hands in order to give the recipients hand jobs and similar types of stimulation. The fact that they use their entire bodies during Nuru massages is automatically going to make the experience that much more sensual.

Nuru massage practitioners are taking advantage of the fact that the body is full of light pressure receptors. People dont simply have those pressure receptors on their genitals or other areas that are directly associated with sex. The skin itself could be regarded as a sex organ in many ways, and the Nuru massage and the Nuru massage practitioners tap into that reality in many ways. Naturally, the fact that a Nuru massage is very much like a sex act in terms of its position and in terms of its mechanics should be enough to get a lot of people aroused in the first place.

Finding Nuru Massage Practitioners

People who are looking to try this for themselves may have a harder time with that if they are looking to try Nuru massage outside of Japan. Japan has plenty of parlors that offer Nuru massage. However, thanks to the Internet, it should be easier than ever before for people in other countries to find listings for this ancient practice. It is important to be able to look for legitimate websites and legitimate parlors, since this is the sort of thing that tends to attract scam artists. However, the people who are interested in Nuru massage should be able to find some opportunities for it somewhere.